An application dedicated to field workers!
T-konect connects employees and employers for optimized business management

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  • Sign your contracts online
  • Manage your tasks interactively
  • View and edit your work schedule
  • Request time off
  • Make replacements


  • Assign a task to an employee
  • View and edit the work schedule
  • Keep your teams informed
  • Follow dynamically your staff positions
  • Be alerted in case of unforeseen events


An application to simplify your life !

Increase efficiency

With its unique dashboard, you can view assigned tasks, add new or modify existing ones as well as close them once completed.

You can also create, manage or view work schedules, switch teams, request time off, and keep teams informed on important information.


All your documents in one place !

T-konect allows you to add the necessary documents for the temporary or employee (CV, photo, administrative documents, etc.) and make changes.

It is also possible to receive the different types of contracts and sign them using the platform.


Work together !

T-konect– Reinvent the way you work and increase your productivity !

Task management

Temporary workers will be able to: add, view and close a task (task name, start date, end date, priority level, add a comment).


Time management

The application allows you to remotely manage team schedules in order to optimize working time. It also makes it possible to count working hours. The employee or the temporary worker can directly change his status (on break, sick leave, accident, on vacation).


Site Management

With the geolocation functionality, the application allows to know the exact position of other users in the field in order to guarantee their safety. The system issues an alert whenever the user approaches an unauthorized area or another field agent (especially in the case of loggers or other field workers between whom a regulatory distance is required)


Document management

Temporary workers will be able to: view the uploaded documents, add and upload a new document by name and type (CV, diploma, driving license, etc.) from their smartphone by selecting the format (image or PDF).